Friday, December 31, 2010

Gloriana’s Heart

After a long hiatus from updates, I’m back… with extremely good news!

On Tuesday afternoon, Lisa traveled with our girls to the University of Chicago hospital to see their cardiologist.  We wanted to find out what was happening with Gloriana’s heart – how the hole in her heart was and how much longer she needed the monitor.

First, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the hole is nearly completely closed up!  Amazing, incredible, astounding!  This didn’t seem possible – especially considering that she had a moderate-plus sized hole and that we were told multiple times that surgery was virtually unavoidable.  So we praise God!  From many angles, the doctor was unable to even see the hole.  He believes that the hole should be completely closed up by the next doctor appointment, and we should be able to avoid surgery.  Wow!

Second, we found out that the heart monitor will (Lord willing!) soon be something of Gloriana’s past!  She is currently off the Prevacid for her reflux, and we’re making sure that her body responds well to that change… that’s why she still has the monitor.  After a couple weeks characterized (we pray) by no alarms going off, she’ll be able to be free from the monitor!  Another HUGE answer to prayer.  Again, praise God!

Gloriana continues to do amazingly well.  She is gaining weight – now over 10 pounds.  Bella continues to hold just over a 3 pound weight advantage over Gloriana, which will likely even out at around their second birthdays.  The doctors and nurses are impressed with how good Gloriana looks… each time we go in, they can’t get over it.

We’re blessed.  We’re SO thankful for your prayers, for the love you’ve shown, for how faithful God has been through the rockiest yet most-growth-inducing year of our lives.  May God’s richest blessings fall on you in this new year!

PS - Check out the girls' belated six-month pictures!


Belladia Faith - from Dec 28, 2010

Gloriana Joy - from Dec 28, 2010
Bella & Gloriana... so adorable!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful News! And love the pictures! Congrats on making it through the 1st 6 months. Things will start getting a little easier. Hopefully they are sleeping better for you. I loved getting away from the 3hr feeds around this time for my boys.

Audrey Straub
mother of TTTS boys in MI